Monday, February 7, 2011

Who is The Wepa Man?

Sometime in the 80's the relentless beat of house music could be heard rocking the walls of half New York City. The boom, boom, boom, boomboombooom of tracks like Pal Joey's "Earth People" represented along side of the classic "Try Yazz" by 2 Puerto Ricans a Black Man and a Dominican. The latter song featured that unforgettable digital instrumentation and perfect tempo that blew the roof off of house parties in Soundview. Magically, this same track was the perfect complement while riding around Throggs Neck in your white T-Top IROC. The mass appeal of this particular track owes a lot to the vocals of the one and only "Wepa Man."

The Raising of the Miners

Remember when the miners were rescued? All 33 came out alive after over two months of subterranean survival. The world watched as concern and support flooded in. Children, wives and mistresses gathered at the site to welcome back their fathers, husbands and special friends. Many Americans heard the Chilean national anthem for the first time. As well as "Chi, Chi, Chi! Le, Le, Le!" The miners got hugs from the president. I wonder what it's like to hug the president.

I could see the miners dapping President Obama up.

It's difficult for me to imagine the feeling they must have had right after the cave in or the resolve it took to keep their minds together while waiting 9 weeks for the rescue.

Monday, October 11, 2010

This is why I'm not watching The Event anymore.

For the past couple of weeks I have allocated precious time toward watching NBC's new show "The Event."  I am a big sci - fi and action fan so naturally I wanted to check out the show that is supposed to be "24" meets "Lost" (although I also stopped watching Lost well before the end too).  Tonight, I even chose to watch The Event over the delayed Vikings-Jets game.  But I'm calling it quits only 90% through the fourth episode.

From the start of this series I suspected that it could be one of those overhyped shows that promises  something thought provoking and original, then delivers episodes with minimal main plot development; the way a shady contractor may start work on your house with a whirlwind of activity that slows to a trickle to squeeze a few more bucks out of you. Or the way a dope dealer might sell the good shit on first contact and then... well that's the idea.  Yet I remained patient, waiting for that big moment that everyone would be buzzing about on the train the next morning (and I'm not talking about the "where did the plane go" moment.  That moment was pimped out before the show even got underway). 

I tolerated the wimpy, mumbling protagonist Sean Walker, and the way the writers donned him with the amazing mind control ability he has over hardened federal agents- like when the sky marshall starts to listen to him almost instantly, and Agent Collier looks to his approval before following up their only leads. I suspended disbelief as the shady Blake Sterling allows 100 alien detainees to stonewall him without ever having answers beaten out of one of them. These are the small mental sacrifices I'm willing to make to get into a new show.

However, I cannot tolerate two entire episodes so early in this new series that fail to provide any new information about what exactly is going on. I mean are they from another planet? Another dimension?  Are they faeries from Middle Earth? Last week a traitor from the alien prison agrees to tell all. So what does the government do? They let him out of prison after 60 years and put him up in a hotel for a day or so with no guard. Then they let his girlfriend go in and kill him.  How long was it before they found the dead alien's body? A couple of hours? The next morning? In fact that entire episode was sold to the viewers as a reveal episode- that guy was supposed to give us a compelling reason to watch the show in the future, but instead he died. 

The final straw?  Today around 55 minutes into episode 4, Leila finally escapes captivity and calls her beloved Sean. Here is a key opportunity to once again provide me with a compelling reason to watch the show next week. Tell him where you are, tell him you're having his alien baby, tell him anything! But his cell phone battery dies before he hears her voice. To the writers: shame on you for using such a trite and obvious device for generating more filler for the viewers. I wonder if next week a cat will jump out of the cupboard and knock the cell phone out of his hand at the apex of some scary music.  But I'll never know because I'm finished with "The Event."  Let's go Jets!