Monday, February 7, 2011

Who is The Wepa Man?

Sometime in the 80's the relentless beat of house music could be heard rocking the walls of half New York City. The boom, boom, boom, boomboombooom of tracks like Pal Joey's "Earth People" represented along side of the classic "Try Yazz" by 2 Puerto Ricans a Black Man and a Dominican. The latter song featured that unforgettable digital instrumentation and perfect tempo that blew the roof off of house parties in Soundview. Magically, this same track was the perfect complement while riding around Throggs Neck in your white T-Top IROC. The mass appeal of this particular track owes a lot to the vocals of the one and only "Wepa Man."

The Raising of the Miners

Remember when the miners were rescued? All 33 came out alive after over two months of subterranean survival. The world watched as concern and support flooded in. Children, wives and mistresses gathered at the site to welcome back their fathers, husbands and special friends. Many Americans heard the Chilean national anthem for the first time. As well as "Chi, Chi, Chi! Le, Le, Le!" The miners got hugs from the president. I wonder what it's like to hug the president.

I could see the miners dapping President Obama up.

It's difficult for me to imagine the feeling they must have had right after the cave in or the resolve it took to keep their minds together while waiting 9 weeks for the rescue.